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Who We Are

We are WeShare Technology, started by HKUST students with different backgrounds. We are trying to bring digital transformation to university laboratories through the Internet of Things (loT) and other technologies. Our future goal is to make R&D laboratories smarter and more sustainable and, finally, have a global digital lab community. 

Managing the R&D lab is tedious and inefficient for both students and technicians. Chemicals are time-sensitive, and tracking their storage condition and purchasing them timely is nearly impossible. Based on active and passive RFID technologies, we build an ecosystem that combines software and hardware to automatically track and manage the chemicals using a smart system to solve these pain points. The smart system can optimize chemical usage and facilitate productivity in the lab.

Our Technology

Smart and Sustainable in hardware and software

Our Technology is a reagent tray system with an intelligent tracking function, including hardware and software. 


The hardware unit is an expandable tray structure based on Radio Frequency Identification / Near-Field Communication technology (RFID/NFC) and multiple-sensor-integrated tags. 

The SaaS (Software as a Service) platform takes charge of cloud data collection/computing and data visualization showcase based on the progressive web and phone application. 

The blockchain technique is embedded in the back end to ensure the fairness of the chemical sharing system.

The demo webpage can be found here:


Automatic Recording

Digital Notes

Convenient Sharing

We have applied for one Chinese patent and several software copyrights. More are under preparation. Our core idea and tech have been presented as paper and poster at IEEE conferences. We won two local and national entrepreneurship competitions. Two local HK news media also interviewed us. Up to now, we have obtained more than 3 million HKD funds or awards, including HKUST SSC, OKT, EC, and HKSTP Ideation. Half of the fund goes for manpower, while the rest is used for technology iteration and business validation.

We would highlight that due to the user-oriented features and high compatibility with the current lab facilities, Professors, Lab managers, and Infrastructure Vendors can be our solid channels for business expansion.

So far, we have established cooperation with diverse vital partners.

Several UST labs are trialing our products, and our newly launched GZ campus also gave the pre-orders to our company.

We obtained experts from CUHK EE Department as the technology partners. For the business channels in GBA, Guangdong U of T is our close friend for trial and promotion.

Our concept and service won the hearts of university labs and were admitted by HKSTP Ideation for further business coaching.

We also approached HK JEBN and Hestia Kitchen, two local food industry companies, for customized designs.

Founding Team

Prof. Jinglei YANG

Principal Investigator


Prof. Jinglei YANG

Principal Investigator

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society

Professor, Department of MAE, HKUST

Dr. Nathan XU

CEO and Hardware Designer


Dr. Nathan XU


Interdisciplinary Individualized Program, HKUST

Ph.D. in

Microelectronics and System Design

Erin WU

COO and Mechanism Designer


Erin WU


Department of Economics, HKUST

MPhil in Labor market and innovation

Falcon LI

CTO and IT Engineer


Falcon LI


Interdisciplinary Individualized Program, HKUST 

MPhil in Sensor Network

Wenyan KONG

Product Development Manager


Wenyan KONG

Product Development Manager

Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence, 

Stevens Institute of Technology

M.S. in Computer Science

Yiqi AN

an yiqi_edited.jpg

Research Manager


Yiqi AN

Research Manager


Ph.D. student in 

Mechanical Engineering

Eric LI

Block-chain and Software Engineer


Eric LI

Blockchain Developer

Information Hub, HKUST (GZ)

Ph.D. student in Artificial Intelligence

Team Participants

You can refer here to see the list of all the past participants

News About WeShare Technology


  • 2021.03.02 The team has obtained the Best Presentation Award among the 12 candidates during the SSC online pitch.


WeShare Technology gets 50k fund from Dream Builder Incubation Programme


WeShare Technology is funded and awarded by HKUST SSC committee

WeShare Technology is supported by EAF from Entrepreneurship Center

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